…you…think they…WHAT?

solo stans are fucking terrifying. i don’t mean “people who aren’t into BTS as a whole but enjoy $MEMBER_NAME’s solo work”; those people are fine, valid, and normal, or even people who have a bias (i mean, hi? Joonie fangirl here, forever and always). i mean these psychotic weirdass fuckers on twxtter who think that their oppars would even give them the time of day if they heard the way they talked about their bandmates. like, admittedly these people all share a single braincell and lack both literacy and reading comprehension, but fucking still. they are so, so desperate to believe (or convince other people) that the members all hate each other, when it’s like…have you…not watched one goddamn interview with your preferred member? ever? at all? they all have matching tattoos, ffs. these goddamn creepy solo sasaengs are worse than the worst-behaved ARMY on the planet, and anyone who’s spent three minutes talking Bangtan (or just kpop) with me knows how very little time i have for misbehaving ARMY.

yeah, it’s a sweary entry about my damn kpop boy group. that’s the best i can do at the moment, sorry.
also the solos really, really give me the heebie-fucking-jeebies in big heaps.

endless chasing

song of the day: “Closer”, RM (w/ Paul Blanco and Mahalia). very chill and smooth shade of blue off of his latest, Indigo, which i’m finally getting around to listening to. first thoughts? it’s not as instant a love as mono. was for me, but it’s damn good all the same. i know joonie said it was “10 Blues” in the liner notes & box art, but really, it’s a much wider palette than his previous record, and has a kind of…tanginess? (synæsthesia is gonna be the death of me)…that was present in RM, but isn’t exactly the same kind of taste, as such, either. love love love to hear his singing voice, too, which only improves the more and more he uses it ♥ (don’t be afraid of singing, you beautiful coffee-smooth baritone, you!)

tonight I don’t wanna be sober

i’m finally in an okay enough headspace to listen to kpop that isn’t only very recent MAMAMOO tracks (long story, i might explain in a separate entry) and i’m digging into Mochimin’s first solo offering, “FACE”, and…i’m only up to “Like Crazy” and my jaw’s already on the fwcking floor. there is so much…like…jagged, black-silk-elegance to it? it’s like throwing back a shot of the most expensive vodka you’ve ever had, and then walking out into the city night with your jaw set. i just. holy shit, Jiminie. holy shit. it’s like…”Lie” from Wings seen through a black glass. and yes, my synaesthesia is going mad right now.

(also, i’ll say it: Park Jimin has a very strange voice. does this mean it isn’t astonishingly holographically beautiful? not even. not even one bit.)

BTS World so far:


Namjoon: shy earnest dork who I consistently have the best relationship with, and I’M NOT EVEN MEANING TO I swear we just click
Jin: boy if you weren’t so hilarious I would strangle you, probably, or just giggle a lot at you (also I should probably stop encouraging your ridiculous behaviour before everyone else strangles ME)
Yoongi: we have blackmail material on each other and frequently have bullshit conversations, we’re legit bros now
Hobi: weirdly enough, our peacemaker and voice of reason, cheerful but sensible, and consistently surprised that I can’t dance (also actually convinced me to buy all the boys chicken with the power of aegyo #justHobithings)
Jimin: hardworking lil darling fluff who NEEDS TO EAT I SWEAR TO GOD BOY IF YOU FAINT AGAIN I’LL–
Taehyung: either adorably off in his own world, or far-too-srsly down in this one; the actual sweetest thing either way
Jungkook: emo teenager but makes up for it by being a bit of a sassy bitch with me, which I rather admire; respect your noona you sleepy lil shit I have six months on your muscled ass

*spittakes* WHAT–

OKAY, STOP RIGHT NOW, STOP. BigHit, what is wrong with you?! Why does this boy still think he can’t sing?!  (I’m talking about Yoongi, I mean. Anyone with two ears can tell that when Joonie sticks to his range, he has a voice as smooth and beautiful as midsummer dusk. All of mono., particularly “forever rain”, that will be all. And his sung verse in “4 O’Clock” which literally gave me goosebumps and stopped me cold the first time I heard it. And also presents Taehyung in his personal tessitura, no less, so…) He is hitting and holding every note, naturally, without straining, and his voice is warm (tonally).

I’m screwed if I can find the video now, but it’s like when they were ‘operatically’ singing happy birthday to…actually they do this pretty much every time someone has a birthday, but in this one video Yoongi was closest to the mic and I could hear him perfectly. He was being silly, but the thing is, his vocal control was excellent. Like, he hit the note, he held it, and again, strong and warm tonally. I was just like “…wait a minute. Has…has no one heard this, or…?”

What the…like, I’m fairly sure I’ve said this before, but does THE RAP LINE CAN SING. They just need training — and in Yoongi and Joon’s cases, MORE CONFIDENCE. You aren’t bad singers, you’re just BARITONES! In a band full of bloody lyric tenors! (Or character baritones who can sing in lyric tenor if they like, no big deal, Kim Taehyung your frickin’ range–) Specifically, Namjoon’s a lyric baritone and Yoongi’s a cavalier baritone. (Yes, I know operatic fachs don’t really work outside operatic music but shush, I like categorising things and besides there’s more specificality if you use the operatic types.)

If BigHit would sink some money into training those two (and getting Jin to abandon his high head voice and just go for the falsetto instead), they could produce even more incredible music than they already do, like, those voices are pure gold for slow jams and just bascially any R&B flavoured anything. Can’t sing my frickin’ flat backside. YES, THEY CAN. TRAIN THEM. Heck it, I’ll do it for free if you like! You are WASTING THEM!

(Ugh yes this appears to be a berserk button with me, probably because I felt like I wasn’t a “real” singer for years and years, literally…because I’m not a soprano. I’m a lyric mezzo-soprano [to be super-specific, I’m a female lyric tenor, actually, but what even is gender in music I have a falsetto too does this mean my XX chromosomes are gonna turn inside out or something] and I spent ACTUAL LONG PERIODS OF TIME being like “I’m only half a singer, I’m just a mezzo…” There’s no such thing as just a mezzo/alto/contralto/baritone/bass, dammit! We all exist and we’re frickin’ RARER than goddamn tenors/sopranos so TREASURE US. Oh my god. Higher does not automatically mean better!

…when I said ‘appears’ to be a berserk button, I think I mean ‘is’.)