a release for my birthday!

The only other musicians who have done that have been BUMP…who I really got into the same time as BTS, as you’d have it…aahh, synchronicities. ♥

Kim Taehyung has the most versatile honey voice in all of kpop. I will die on this hill, and if you dispute this, you will very sadly be wrong. I don’t make the rules!

(This also hits where it hurts, but shhh. Not on this blog~)

Sigh. I miss them all so much. Even if the fandom isn’t half of what it was at their “peak”, I can’t wait to have them back. It might even be nice to be the underdog fandom once again. 2018 was so magical.

Regarding peaks, no. I don’t think they’ve reached it, yet, and I don’t think their biggest successes have necessarily been the boys at their best, either — not that they’ve ever been lacking remotely, mind you! — but as they tell us — the best is yet to come. After they’ve finished their service, nothing would make me happier than to have them all feel like they can flourish freely in their own chosen spheres of music and artistry, and when they come together as a unit again, I want to hear what each individual member brings to the group. Because it will be, doubtlessly, spectacular. I can’t wait to hear it.

네 온기 잊지 않아
겨울의 꽃이 되어 춤추는 별이 되어
I will be by your side
피어나길 바래

I will wait for you.
I am always with you, too.