…you…think they…WHAT?

solo stans are fucking terrifying. i don’t mean “people who aren’t into BTS as a whole but enjoy $MEMBER_NAME’s solo work”; those people are fine, valid, and normal, or even people who have a bias (i mean, hi? Joonie fangirl here, forever and always). i mean these psychotic weirdass fuckers on twxtter who think that their oppars would even give them the time of day if they heard the way they talked about their bandmates. like, admittedly these people all share a single braincell and lack both literacy and reading comprehension, but fucking still. they are so, so desperate to believe (or convince other people) that the members all hate each other, when it’s like…have you…not watched one goddamn interview with your preferred member? ever? at all? they all have matching tattoos, ffs. these goddamn creepy solo sasaengs are worse than the worst-behaved ARMY on the planet, and anyone who’s spent three minutes talking Bangtan (or just kpop) with me knows how very little time i have for misbehaving ARMY.

yeah, it’s a sweary entry about my damn kpop boy group. that’s the best i can do at the moment, sorry.
also the solos really, really give me the heebie-fucking-jeebies in big heaps.