(still) NOT DEAD

May 24th“ANPANMAN”, those seven idiots I stan
(Okay, if this doesn’t put the nail in the “BTS are miming their performances!” argument, nothing will. These beautiful jackasses can’t even remember to mime when autotune [as an instrument] dictates that they have to. And RM officially doesn’t even bother trying, it’s literally on record. XD *wheeze* Also good god I love this track. It’s ridiculous and wonderful.)

May 26th“P.O.P (Piece of Peace) Part 1”, J-Hope
(okay, so the Hixtape being being solely responsible for me actually sitting my ass down and, y’know, completing my frickin’ book’s coding aside, this track is golden. Hobi has a pretty voice, too. He should sing more often. [Which I may say to other members of the rap line, too *cough*RM*coughhack* No, seriously. When he sings within his range? The boy’s voice is husky and beautiful, his natural breath control is actually miles better than Jungkook’s, Mr Voice-Of-The-Band, and his falsetto, if a little weak in projection, is so mobile. Now, imagine if a) someone kicked him in the shins whenever he did the mumbly “I’m a rapper, I don’t sing” garbage, and b) BigHit sunk some money into training him properly.]
…got off track there. F’ing biases, I swear.)

May 27th“We Don’t Talk Anymore Part 2”, JK feat. JM
(And speaking of the Golden Maknae, here’s him and Jimin performing a song originally performed by a male-female pair, with all the original pronouns intact. It’s fascinating if only for that fact. Adds a whole weird dimension to the song, and I kinda love it.)

…one day SOTD will not be a slew of kpop. It just won’t be today. Oh well! :3

SOTD catch up post

Because music is important, okay. So is some fangirling. 好きなものは好きだから好きので。

11th“Don’t Leave Me”, BTS (or are they Boudan Shounendan/防弾少年团 for Japanese tracks? :P)
This is really good. Like, nothing amazing structurally, but Jimin’s vocals, and Jin’s voice! I swear to god. GIVE THE BOY MORE LINES. (Also, holy fwck, their official promo photos for ‘Tear’ are killing me completely.)

12th — “Singularity”, BTS (V solo)
…okay, I have not been emotionally and intellectually compromised this way since they dropped the “BS&T” MV, and I am liking this. Even if no other track on Tear is anywhere near as good as this, I’m fine with it, we can all go home. Taehyung’s voice is liquid gold silk, or red wine, or…or…jfc, just go listen. (Anyone who intimates that TaeTae can’t sing literally deserves a slap, now. Bitch, is you deaf?! And him touching himself the way he does in the first part of the video is…so bizarrely sexy and sensual and adjfkl;sa please get me a stiff drink. He ain’t even my bias.)