BTS World so far:


Namjoon: shy earnest dork who I consistently have the best relationship with, and I’M NOT EVEN MEANING TO I swear we just click
Jin: boy if you weren’t so hilarious I would strangle you, probably, or just giggle a lot at you (also I should probably stop encouraging your ridiculous behaviour before everyone else strangles ME)
Yoongi: we have blackmail material on each other and frequently have bullshit conversations, we’re legit bros now
Hobi: weirdly enough, our peacemaker and voice of reason, cheerful but sensible, and consistently surprised that I can’t dance (also actually convinced me to buy all the boys chicken with the power of aegyo #justHobithings)
Jimin: hardworking lil darling fluff who NEEDS TO EAT I SWEAR TO GOD BOY IF YOU FAINT AGAIN I’LL–
Taehyung: either adorably off in his own world, or far-too-srsly down in this one; the actual sweetest thing either way
Jungkook: emo teenager but makes up for it by being a bit of a sassy bitch with me, which I rather admire; respect your noona you sleepy lil shit I have six months on your muscled ass

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