I nearly passed out at QPAC…

…(for the second time in my life) and then on Saturday I got really sick and I think my head’s trying to do away with me. Evil.

Grumpus face.

Song of the Day: “Boy Meets Evil”, BTS.
Because I have been playing “WINGS” on repeat to get to sleep while my face attempts to fall off. Genuinely more excited about their next comeback than I am for cheap chocolate after Valentine’s Day, this year.

그것에 대해서는 그정도로 한다…

Well, I WAS going to sleep. I was. Now I’ll be awake until 11pm Korean frickin’ time. Is something going to drop?!

RapMon, if this is your handiwork, consider yourself unbiased. Except not ever.

ADDENDUM, thee nekst daye (ごぜん12時12分): called it. Screw you, Kim Namjoon, I don’t want all these feels, you’re awful, don’t ever do that ever again except please do, please please do, you stupid gorgeous human being.

Those lyrics (going by my wonky, wonky Korean skills, anyway) are just heartbreaking. And his vocals have gotten so much better, oh my god. (Yes, I know there’s autotune, and I’m not talking about the autotuned parts, wiseass. Those first “always, always”es are pure and beautiful.)